Water Hoses

Water Hoses are essential tools for supplying water flow and creating a bypass pipe for testing and repairing manholes.


  • Designed for supplying water flow through from the bypass of the test plug to the test area for testing with water
  • Can be used as a bypass pipe between the test plugs placed on both sides of the manhole to be repaired
  • Durable and flexible construction for long-lasting use
  • Available in various lengths and sizes to meet different needs
  • Easy to connect and disconnect with compatible couplings
  • Suitable for use in various applications, including construction, plumbing, and maintenance
Product Code Thread Size(mm/inch) Hose Length(m/inch)
EWH1 25,40mm/1" 10m/393,70"
EWH2 50,80mm/2" 10m/393,70"
EWH3 76,20mm/3" 10m/393,70"
EWH4 101,60mm/4" 10m/393,70"
EWH6 152,40mm/6" 10m/393,70"


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