About Us


YTM MAKINA is an innovative, agile, international electro mechanical material manufacturer, supplier and industrial services provider to the regional portfolios with advanced additives and innovative solutions.
YTM MAKINA committed to quality services which is certificated by ISO 9001 is working with high reputed manufacturers and marketing their product to Europe, North Africa and Middle East Countries by innovative shipping solutions to get them to site more affordably with reduced lead times. YTM MAKINA have the capacity required to handle large orders and the customer service resources to ensure close, personal relationships with our clients.

Our specialist and dedicated team with the motivation, experience and knowledge to answer and implement your needs, our core values of integrity, responsibility, transparency, flexibility and innovation have sustained many long term business relationships over our active years in our Istanbul head office also our Middle East office has been in service since 2012.
In our platform find products information anytime, anywhere, no more waiting for quotes, there is a lot of products in that platform, we customize and diversify our products to ensure to find your relevant products to your business.
It will be our pleasure to assist you during your projects to procure Electro-Mechanical items and provide services to complete the projects. We look forward to working with you.
We take a sense of purpose as the vision and mission of the company, we believe in Commitment, Honesty, Quality and Leadership, Our Company aims to become a strong supporting hand to our clients.
Our mission is to proactive attitude by finding the best solutions for our clients.

At YTM MAKINA, the secure handling of personal information is our utmost priority, with a strong emphasis on maintaining customer confidentiality. We strive to employ the strongest safeguards to secure the personal details of our client base. This practice extends to our affiliates, guests, and personnel from collaborating institutions and organizations. Adhering to the "Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698", the "Regulation on Processing Personal Health Data and Maintaining Privacy", and pertinent legal principles, we have developed a rigorous policy. This policy ensures accurate management and protection of personal data, thereby fostering an online environment where data security and privacy are key.