About Ring Seal

Modular ring seals are mostly used in civil engineering, pipe construction and in large pipes in pipeline constructions. Modular ring seals can be used when penetrating supply and disposal lines through building walls, ceilings, or floors.The main field of application of compact pipe seals are building entries and wall penetrations. All our sealing systems are waterproof against pressing water and can be used for cable penetrations or pipe penetrations into base tiles as well. In general, the sealing systems are inserted directly into the core-drilled hole. To make them waterproof, the inside of these holes should be laminated (preferably with epoxy resin coating) before inserting the seal. In most new constructions, penetrations are prepared by installing wall sleeves (made of polymer quartz sand cement or fiber cement) or steel wall sleeves (made of black steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel) already fitted in the course of shuttering.
There is a variety of materials for different applications and pressure levels like pressing and non-pressing water (pressure plates consisting of polyamide, elastomers, connecting parts made of galvanized or stainless steel). EPDM standard rubber is highly resistant to many common fluids; nitrile rubber is resistant to oils, fats, fuels and many types of solvents