Steel Test Plugs

PLUGLINE Steel Test Plugs are a versatile tool designed for testing and locating leaks in sewers, drainage systems, pipelines, and gullies. These plugs are made of durable steel and surrounded by NBR to ensure reliable performance. The gasket parts of the plugs can be easily changed to other materials according to customer needs and application requirements.


  • Made of durable steel with NBR surrounding
  • Gasket parts can be easily changed to fit customer needs and application requirements
  • Available in various sizes to fit pipe diameters from 36 mm to 558 mm
  • Suitable for testing with both air and water
  • Working pressure range from 0.2 to 2.0 bar
  • Produced as double seals plug according to customer needs and application requirements
Product Code Nominal size(mm) Min. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Product Diameter (mm/inch) Back Pressure(bar/psi) Bypass Diameter(inch) Product Length(mm/inch) Product Weight(kg/Ibs)
ESTP40 40 36mm/1,42" 50mm/1,97" 35mm/1,38" 2,0bar/29,0psi 1/2" 35mm/1,38" 0,2kg/0,44lbs
ESTP50 50 50mm/1,97" 60mm/2,36" 45mm/1,77" 2,0bar/29,0psi 1/2" 40mm/1,57" 0,3kg/0,66lbs
ESTP65 65 60mm/2,36" 75mm/2,95" 59mm/2,32" 2,0bar/29,0psi 1/2" 55mm/2,17" 0,5kg/1,1lbs
ESTP75 75 70mm/2,76" 85mm/3,35" 69mm/2,72" 1,2bar/17,4psi 1/2" 55mm/2,17" 0,7kg/1,54lbs
ESTP90 90 85mm/3,35" 100mm/3,94" 84mm/3,31" 1,0bar/14,5psi 1/2" 55mm/2,17" 0,72kg/1,59lbs
ESTP100 100 95mm/3,74" 105mm/4,13" 94mm/3,7" 0,6bar/8,7psi 1/2" 55mm/2,17" 0,75kg/1,65lbs
ESTP115 115 110mm/4,33" 125mm/4,92" 109mm/4,29" 0,6bar/8,7psi 1/2" 55mm/2,17" 0,8kg/1,76lbs
ESTP125 125 120mm/4,72" 140mm/5,51" 119mm/4,69" 0,6bar/8,7psi 1/2" 55mm/2,17" 0,85kg/1,87lbs
ESTP150 150 145mm/5,71" 160mm/6,3" 144mm/5,67" 0,5bar/7,25psi 1/2" 55mm/2,17" 0,9kg/1,98lbs
ESTP175 175 175mm/6,89" 200mm/7,87" 170mm/6,69" 0,4bar/5,8psi 1/2" 55mm/2,17" 1,2kg/2,65lbs
ESTP200 200 195mm/7,68" 215mm/8,46" 194mm/7,64" 0,4bar/5,8psi 1/2" 55mm/2,17" 1,7kg/3,75lbs
ESTP225 225 220mm/8,66" 230mm/9,06" 219mm/8,62" 0,4bar/5,8psi 1/2" 55mm/2,17" 2,0kg/4,41lbs
ESTP250 250 245mm/9,65" 260mm/10,24" 244mm/9,61" 0,4bar/5,8psi 1/2" 55mm/2,17" 2,3kg/5,07lbs
ESTP300 300 296mm/11,65" 320mm/12,6" 295mm/11,61" 0,3bar/4,35psi 1/2" 55mm/2,17" 3,1kg/6,83lbs
ESTP350 350 345mm/13,58" 385mm/15,16" 344mm/13,54" 0,3bar/4,35psi 1/2" 55mm/2,17" 3,8kg/8,38lbs
ESTP375 375 370mm/14,57" 415mm/16,34" 369mm/14,53" 0,3bar/4,35psi 1/2" 55mm/2,17" 4,4kg/9,7lbs
ESTP400 400 396mm/15,59" 430mm/16,93" 395mm/15,55" 0,3bar/4,35psi 1/2" 80mm/3,15" 4,9kg/10,8lbs
ESTP450 450 448mm/17,64" 495mm/19,49" 445mm/17,52" 0,3bar/4,35psi 1/2" 80mm/3,15" 6,5kg/14,33lbs
ESTP500 500 495mm/19,49" 558mm/21,97" 494mm/19,45" 0,2bar/2,9psi 1/2" 80mm/3,15" 7,6kg/16,76lbs


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