Puddle Flange

Puddle flanges have been designed specifically for the pressure-tight installation of pipelines in concrete walls, tanks, shafts, foundation plates, manholes and basements.
Installed on the external pipe surface to act as a barrier, they diffuse gases and hydrocarbons and are suitable for all standard steel, plastic, clay, concrete and cast iron pipes from DN20 to DN3200 mm making them a perfect solution for any application.

Thanks to the easy-lock tension bands, installing a puddle flange takes only a few minutes. The puddle flange is mounted by hand on the pipe and secured with the supplied tension bands. A screwdriver or 6mm nut driver can be used to install the tension band on pipes of up to 315 mm in diameter.
For larger pipes, use a clamping tool. Our puddle flange installation kits (DN20 to DN315 mm) now come with an easy-Lock function that allows for even faster installation on the pipe.

  • Tested up to 10 bar water pressure
  • Easy to install, cost effective solution
  • Can be installed in walls, floors and ceilings
  • Good chemical resistance


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