Modular Ring Seals

The Modular Ring Seal is a professional air- and watertight seal for pipes passing through walls, floors, or ceilings. It can be used to seal pipes and cables passing through solid structures and is suitable for either a cored hole or pipe sleeve application. The system is modular and is pressure tightened on installation, which prevents temperature and noise transfer.


  • Prevents moisture and gas penetration where pipes pass through walls
  • Protects pipes against aggressive surroundings
  • Modular system enables installation into existing pipe systems
  • Available in different sealing element options and pressure levels


Application Areas

  • Building entries, wall penetrations, and cable penetrations
  • Supply and disposal lines passing through building walls, ceilings, or floors
  • Suitable for subsequent installation
  • Use in noise protection according to DIN 4190
  • For use in pipelines carrying drinking water

Installation Instruction Compact-Seal-Insert Pipe-Seal Proceeding

  • Make sure the surface of the core bearing /casing-pipe / carrier pipe in the installation area is clean.
  • Check the carrier-pipe for centric adjustment. Even if the compact-seal is made out of high-quality materials, it does not allow however the function as support-bar of the carrier-pipe.
  • Make sure the compact-seal is installed from that building side (nut side!), which allows easy access after finishing the installation, i.e. of retightening in case of setting conditions.
  • Push the compact-seal completely into the annular space (the installation will be improved by moisten the elastomer parts and/or the inner and outer surfaces i.e. by using soap-water (NO LUBRICANTS).
  • Tighten all nuts in clockwise direction (not crosswise!) with the same number of turns at a time until the entire space is completely filled up with the rubber element and the pipe-seal fits against inner and outer surface.
  • Tighten the screws clockwise by using a torque-wrench with the recommended torque (see table).
  • Due to possible setting after approx. 2 hrs. check the torque (for a pressure-tight sealing after approx. 48 hrs.) if necessary adjust.


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