Inflatable Small Pipe Test Plugs

Inflatable Small Pipe Test Plugs are the ideal solution for your air and water leak tests. Our plug range covers pipe diameters from 30mm to 1000mm and can be used to block or redirect the flow of water.


  • Easy-to-use and convenient test plugs to block or redirect the flow of water.
  • Plugs are designed to fit pipe diameters ranging from 30mm to 1000mm.
  • Ideal for both air and water leak tests on residential connections.
  • High-quality construction to ensure dependable performance and reliable results.
  • Comes with a secure sealing system that ensures a tight and leak-proof fit.
Product Code Nominal Size(mm) Min. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Working Pressure (bar/psi) Product Diameter (mm/inch) Total Length of Product (mm/inch) Bypass Diameter(mm/inch) Product Weight (kg/Ibs)
EST30 30 30mm/1,18" 32mm/1,26" 2,5bar/36,25psi 29mm/1,14" 30mm/1,18" 3,17mm/1/8" 0,14kg/0,31lbs
EST40 40 38mm/1,50" 42mm/1,65" 2,5bar/36,25psi 37mm/1,46" 40mm/1,57" 3,17mm/1/8" 0,15kg/0,33lbs
EST50 50 48mm/1,89" 54mm/2,13" 2,5bar/36,25psi 45mm/1,77" 50mm/1,97" 3,17mm/1/8" 0,25kg/0,55lbs
EST60 60 59mm/2,32" 65mm/2,56" 2,5bar/36,25psi 58mm/2,28" 90mm/3,54" 12,70mm/1/2" 0,35kg/0,77lbs
EST75 75 72mm/2,83" 78mm/3,07" 2,5bar/36,25psi 69mm/2,72" 110mm/4,33" 12,70mm/1/2" 0,45kg/0,99lbs
EST100 100 90mm/3,54" 105mm/4,13" 2,5bar/36,25psi 88mm/3,46" 150mm/5,91" 12,70mm/1/2" 0,6kg/1,32lbs
EST150 150 150mm/5,91" 150mm/5,91" 2,5bar/36,25psi 138mm/5,43" 150mm/5,91" 50,80mm/2" 1,5kg/3,31lbs
EST200 200 200mm/7,87" 200mm/7,87" 2,5bar/36,25psi 180mm/7,09" 200mm/7,87" 50,80mm/2" 2,0kg/4,41lbs
EST225 225 225mm/8,85" 225mm/8,85" 2,5bar/36,25psi 225mm/8,86" 250mm/9,84" 50,80mm/2" 2,5kg/5,51lbs
EST250 250 250mm/9,84" 250mm/9,84" 2,5bar/36,25psi 225mm/8,86" 250mm/9,84" 50,80mm/2" 2,5kg/5,51lbs
EST300 300 300mm/11,81" 300mm/11,81" 2,5bar/36,25psi 285mm/11,22" 300mm/11,81" 50,80mm/2" 3,2kg/7,05lbs
EST350 350 350mm/13,77" 350mm/13,77" 2,5bar/36,25psi 225mm/8,86" 300mm/11,81" 50,80mm/2" 3,7kg/8,16lbs
EST400 400 400mm/15,75" 400mm/15,75" 2,5bar/36,25psi 380mm/14,96" 450mm/17,72" 50,80mm/2" 4,2kg/9,26lbs
EST500 500 500mm/19,69" 500mm/19,69" 2,5bar/36,25psi 480mm/18,9" 450mm/17,72" 50,80mm/2" 5,4kg/11,9lbs
EST600 600 600mm/23,62" 600mm/23,62" 2,5bar/36,25psi 580mm/22,83" 450mm/17,72" 50,80mm/2" 6,5kg/14,33lbs
EST800 800 800mm/31,50" 800mm/31,5" 2,5bar/36,25psi 780mm/30,71" 800mm/31,5" 50,80mm/2" 30,kg/66,14lbs
EST3040 30-40 30mm/1,18" 40mm/1,57" 2,5bar/36,25psi 29mm/1,14" 100mm/3,94" 3,17mm/1/8" 0,5kg/1,1lbs
EST5075 50-75 48mm/1,89" 75mm/2,95" 2,5bar/36,25psi 48mm/1,89" 100mm/3,94" 3,17mm/1/8" 0,75kg/1,65lbs
EST70100 70-100 88mm/3,46" 105mm/4,13" 2,5bar/36,25psi 70mm/2,76" 150mm/5,91" 12,70mm/1/2" 1,0kg/2,20lbs
EST100150 100-150 90mm/3,54" 150mm/5,91" 2,5bar/36,25psi 88mm/3,46" 150mm/5,91" 12,70mm/1/2" 1,5kg/3,30lbs
EST150200 150-200 150mm/5,91" 200mm/7,87" 2,5bar/36,25psi 138mm/5,43" 200mm/7,87" 25,40mm/1" 2,5kg/5,51lbs
EST200250 200-250 200mm/7,87" 250mm/9,84" 2,5bar/36,25psi 180mm/7,09" 250mm/9,84" 50,80mm/2" 4,0kg/8,82lbs
EST250300 250-300 250mm/9,84" 300mm/11,81" 2,5bar/36,25psi 225mm/8,86" 300mm/11,81" 50,80mm/2" 6,0kg/13,23lbs
EST300350 300-350 300mm/11,81" 350mm/13,78" 2,5bar/36,25psi 285mm/11,22" 300mm/11,81" 50,80mm/2" 8,0kg/17,63lbs
EST400450 400-450 400mm/15,75" 450mm/17,72" 2,5bar/36,25psi 380mm/14,96" 450mm/17,72" 50,80mm/2" 11,0kg/24,24lbs
EST500550 500-550 500mm/19,69" 550mm/21,65" 2,5bar/36,25psi 480mm/18,90" 450mm/17,72" 50,80mm/2" 14,0kg/30,86lbs
EST600650 600-650 600mm/23,62" 650mm/25,59" 2,5bar/36,25psi 480mm/18,90" 450mm/17,72" 50,80mm/2" 19,0kg/41,88lbs
EST8001000 800-1000 800mm/31,50" 1000mm/39,37" 2,5bar/36,25psi 780mm/30,71" 800mm/31,50" 50,80mm/2" 35,0kg/77,16lbs


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