Inflatable Small Pipe Stoppers

Inflatable Small Pipe Stoppers are an effective and reliable sealing solution for your pipes. Coming in a variety of sizes, they are easy to install and boast corrosion-resistant metal parts. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your connections are safely sealed with Inflatable Small Pipe Stoppers.


  • Made of high-quality rubber for durability
  • Metal parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials
  • Lightweight and easy to install by one man
  • Range of sizes suitable for all pipe connections
  • Ideal for pipe leak testing and sealing sewer connections
Product Code Nominal Size(mm) Min. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Working Pressure (bar/psi) Product Diameter (mm/inch) Total Length of Product (mm/inch) Product Weight(kg/Ibs)
ESS20 20 20mm/0,79" 21mm/0,83" 2,5bar/36,25psi 19mm/0,75" 25mm/0,98" 0,1kg/0,22lbs
ESS25 25 24mm/0,94" 25mm/0,98" 2,5bar/36,25psi 23mm/0,90" 25mm/0,98" 0,1kg/0,22lbs
ESS30 30 30mm/1,18" 32mm/1,26" 2,5bar/36,25psi 29mm/1,14" 30mm/1,18" 0,15kg/0,33lbs
ESS40 40 38mm/1,5" 42mm/1,65" 2,5bar/36,25psi 37mm/1,46" 40mm/1,57" 0,15kg/0,33lbs
ESS50 50 48mm/1,89" 54mm/2,13" 2,5bar/36,25psi 45mm/1,77" 75mm/2,95" 0,25kg/0,55lbs
ESS60 60 59mm/2,32" 65mm/2,56" 2,5bar/36,25psi 58mm/2,28" 90mm/3,54" 0,35kg/0,77lbs
ESS75 75 72mm/2,83" 78mm/3,07" 2,5bar/36,25psi 69mm/2,72" 110mm/4,33" 0,45kg/0,99lbs
ESS100 100 90mm/3,54" 105mm/4,13" 2,5bar/36,25psi 88mm/3,46" 150mm/5,91" 0,6kg/1,32lbs
ESS150 150 150mm/5,91" 150mm/5,91" 2,5bar/36,25psi 90mm/3,54" 150mm/5,91" 1,1kg/2,43lbs
ESS200 200 200mm/7,87" 200mm/7,87" 2,5bar/36,25psi 138mm/5,43" 200mm/7,87" 1,6kg/3,53lbs
ESS225 225 225mm/8,85" 225mm/8,85" 2,5bar/36,25psi 180mm/7,09" 250mm/9,84" 2,2kg/4,85lbs
ESS250 250 250mm/9,84" 250mm/9,84" 2,5bar/36,25psi 180mm/7,09" 250mm/9,84" 2,2kg/4,85lbs
ESS300 300 300mm/11,81" 300mm/11,81" 2,5bar/36,25psi 225mm/8,86" 300mm/11,81" 3,5kg/7,72lbs
ESS350 350 350mm/13,77" 350mm/13,77" 2,5bar/36,25psi 225mm/8,86" 300mm/11,81" 3,7kg/8,16lbs
ESS400 400 400mm/15,75" 400mm/15,75" 2,5bar/36,25psi 380mm/14,96" 450mm/17,72" 4,4kg/9,7lbs
ESS500 500 500mm/19,69" 500mm/19,69" 2,5bar/36,25psi 485mm/19,09" 450mm/17,72" 5,5kg/12,13lbs
ESS600 600 600mm/23,62" 600mm/23,62" 2,5bar/36,25psi 585mm/23,03" 450mm/17,72" 6,3kg/13,89lbs
ESS800 800 800mm/31,5" 800mm/31,5" 2,5bar/36,25psi 780mm/30,71" 800mm/31,5" 25,0kg/55,12lbs
ESS2030 20-30 20mm/0,79" 30mm/1,18" 2,5bar/36,25psi 18mm/0,71" 100mm/3,94" 0,12kg/0,26lbs
ESS3040 30-40 30mm/1,18" 40mm/1,57" 2,5bar/36,25psi 29mm/1,14" 100mm/3,94" 0,16kg/0,35lbs
ESS3050 30-50 30mm/1,18" 50mm/1,97" 2,5bar/36,25psi 29mm/1,14" 100mm/3,94" 0,18kg/0,4lbs
ESS4050 40-50 40mm/1,57" 50mm/1,97" 2,5bar/36,25psi 38mm/1,50" 100mm/3,94" 0,18kg/0,4lbs
ESS5075 50-75 50mm/1,97" 75mm/2,95" 2,5bar/36,25psi 45mm/1,77" 100mm/3,94" 0,3kg/0,66lbs
ESS70100 70-100 70mm/2,76" 100mm/3,94" 2,5bar/36,25psi 65mm/2,56" 100mm/3,94" 0,4kg/0,88lbs
ESS100150 100-150 90mm/3,54" 155mm/6,1" 2,5bar/36,25psi 88mm/3,46" 150mm/5,91" 0,75kg/1,65lbs
ESS150200 150-200 150mm/5,91" 200mm/7,87" 2,5bar/36,25psi 138mm/5,43" 200mm/7,87" 1,1kg/2,43lbs
ESS200250 200-250 200mm/7,87" 250mm/9,84" 2,5bar/36,25psi 180mm/7,09" 250mm/9,84" 1,6kg/3,53lbs
ESS250300 250-300 250mm/9,84" 300mm/11,81" 2,5bar/36,25psi 225mm/8,86" 300mm/11,81" 2,2kg/4,85lbs
ESS300350 300-350 300mm/11,81" 350mm/13,78" 2,5bar/36,25psi 380mm/14,96" 300mm/11,81" 3,5kg/7,71lbs
ESS400450 400-450 400mm/15,75" 450mm/17,72" 2,5bar/36,25psi 380mm/14,96" 450mm/17,72" 4,2kg/9,26lbs
ESS500550 500-550 500mm/19,69" 550mm/21,65" 2,5bar/36,25psi 480mm/18,90" 450mm/17,72" 5,4kg/11,90lbs
ESS600650 600-650 600mm/23,62" 650mm/25,59" 2,5bar/36,25psi 580mm/22,83" 450mm/17,72" 6,5kg/14,32lbs
ESS8001000 800-1000 800mm/31,50" 1000mm/39,37" 2,5bar/36,25psi 780mm/30,71" 800mm/31,5" 27,0kg/59,50lbs


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