Inflatable Pipe Stoppers

Ensure the reliable sealing of your piping systems with Inflatable Pipe Stoppers. These long-lasting inflatable stoppers are made of high-quality rubber reinforced with fabric and are suitable for pipe diameters ranging from 50mm to 4200mm. They are designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 70 °C and standard working pressures of 1.5 bar and 2.5 bar with an overpressure value of operating. This is the perfect solution to prevent the ingress of liquids, gases, construction waste, dust, rats, and rodents into your piping system.


  • Designed to fit pipe diameters ranging from 50mm to 4200mm
  • Suitable for temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C
  • Reinforced with high-quality special rubber fabric
  • Standard working pressures of 1.5 bar and 2.5 bar
Product Code Nominal Size(mm) Min. Pipe Inner be tested(mm/inch) Max. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested(mm/inch) Max. Working Pressure(bar/psi) Back Pressure(bar/psi) Product Diameter(mm/inch) Total Length of Product(mm/inch) Product Weight(kg/Ibs)
ES50100/1,5 50-100 45mm/1,77" 100mm/3,93" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 45mm/1,77" 330mm/12,99" 0,4kg/0,88Ibs
ES70150/1,5 70-150 70mm/2,75" 150mm/5,90" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 64mm/2,51" 370mm/14,56" 0,6kg/1,32Ibs
ES100200/1,5 100-200 100mm/3,93" 200mm/7,87" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 88mm/3,46" 550mm/21,65" 1,0kg/2,20Ibs
ES150300/1,5 150-300 150mm/5,90" 300mm/11,81" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 138mm/5,43" 550mm/21,65" 1,2kg/2,64Ibs
ES200400/1,5 200-400 200mm/7,87" 400mm/15,74" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 185mm/7,28" 650mm/25,59" 3,4kg/7,49Ibs
ES200500/1,5 200-500 200mm/7,87" 500mm/19,68" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 185mm/7,28" 800mm/31,49" 3,7kg/8,15Ibs
ES300600/1,5 300-600 300mm/11,81" 600mm/23,62" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 285mm/11,22" 850mm/33,46" 6,6kg/14,55Ibs
ES375750/1,5 375-750 375mm/14,76" 750mm/29,52" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 360mm/14,17" 1000mm/39,37" 9,4kg/20,72Ibs
ES5001000/1,5 500-1000 500mm/19,68" 1000mm/39,37" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 485mm/19,09" 1150mm/45,27" 21,3kg/46,95Ibs
ES6001200/1,5 600-1200 600mm/23,62" 1200mm/47,24" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 585mm/23,03" 1300mm/51,18" 25,5kg/56,21Ibs
ES5001200/1,5 500-1200 500mm/19,68" 1200mm/47,24" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 485mm/19,09" 1400mm/55,11" 28,0kg/61,72Ibs
ES5001400/1,5 500-1400 500mm/19,68" 1400mm/55,11" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 485mm/19,09" 1900mm/74,80" 35,5kg/78,26Ibs
ES6001600/1,5 600-1600 600mm/23,62" 1600mm/62,99" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 575mm/22,63" 1900mm/74,80" 35,5kg/78,26Ibs
ES8001600/1,5 800-1600 800mm/31,49" 1600mm/62,99" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 780mm/30,70" 1600mm/62,99" 46,0kg/101,41Ibs
ES8002000/1,5 800-2000 800mm/31,49" 2000mm/78,74" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 780mm/30,70" 3200mm/125,98" 75,0kg/165,34Ibs
ES8002200/1,5 800-2200 800mm/31,49" 2200mm/86,61" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 780mm/30,70" 3200mm/125,98" 75,0kg/165,34Ibs
ES12002400/1,5 1200-2400 1200mm/47,24” 2400mm/94,48” 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 1180mm/46,45” 3000mm/118,11” 170,0kg/374,68lbs
ES12002800/1,5 1200-2800 1200mm/47,24” 2800mm/110,23" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 1180mm/46,45” 4000mm/157,48" 205,0kg/451,82lbs
ES18003600/1,5 1800-3600 1800mm/70,87" 3600mm/141,73" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 1780mm/70,08" 4000mm/157,48" 400,0kg/881,83lbs
ES18004200/1,5 1800-4200 1800mm/70,87" 4200mm/165,35" 1,5bar/21,75psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 1780mm/70,08" 6000mm/236,22" 500,0kg/1102,0lbs
Product Code Nominal Size(mm) Min. Pipe Inner be tested(mm/inch) Max. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested(mm/inch) Max. Working Pressure (bar/psi) Back Pressure(bar/psi) Product Diameter(mm/inch) Total Length of Product(mm/inch) Product Weight(kg/Ibs)
ES2040/2,5 20-40 20mm/0,78" 40mm/1,57" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 18mm/0,70" 100mm/3,93" 0,12kg/0,26lbs
ES2550/2,5 25-50 25mm/0,98" 50mm/1,96" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 22mm/0,86" 110mm/4,33" 0,5kg/1,1lbs
ES3570/2,5 35-70 35mm/1,37" 70mm/2,75" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 33mm/1,29" 300mm/11,81" 0,2kg/0,44Ibs
ES50100/2,5 50-100 50mm/1,96" 100mm/3,93" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 45mm/1,77" 330mm/12,99" 0,4kg/0,88Ibs
ES70150/2,5 70-150 70mm/2,75" 150mm/5,90" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 64mm/2,51" 370mm/14,56" 0,6kg/1,32Ibs
ES100200/2,5 100-200 100mm/3,93" 200mm/7,87" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 88mm/3,46" 550mm/21,65" 1,0kg/2,20Ibs
ES150300/2,5 150-300 150mm/5,90" 300mm/11,81" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 138mm/5,43" 550mm/21,65" 1,2kg/2,64Ibs
ES200400/2,5 200-400 200mm/7,87" 400mm/15,74" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 185mm/7,28" 650mm/25,59" 3,6kg/7,93Ibs
ES200500/2,5 200-500 200mm/7,87" 500mm/19,68" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 185mm/7,28" 800mm/31,49" 3,9kg/8,58lbs
ES300600/2,5 300-600 300mm/11,81" 600mm/23,62" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 285mm/11,22" 850mm/33,46" 7,0kg/15,43Ibs
ES375750/2,5 375-750 375mm/14,76" 750mm/29,52" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 360mm/14,17" 1000mm/39,37" 9,7kg/21,38Ibs
ES500800/2,5 500-800 500mm/19,68" 800mm/31,49" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 485mm/19,09" 1000mm/39,37" 21,0kg/46,29Ibs
ES5001000/2,5 500-1000 500mm/19,68" 1000mm/39,37" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 485mm/19,09" 1150mm/45,27" 22,0kg/48,50Ibs
ES6001200/2,5 600-1200 600mm/23,62" 1200mm/47,24" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 585mm/23,03" 1300mm/51,18" 26,0kg/57,32Ibs
ES5001400/2,5 500-1400 500mm/19,68" 1400mm/55,11" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 485mm/19,09" 1900mm/74,80" 35,0kg/77,16Ibs
ES8001600/2,5 800-1600 800mm/31,49" 1600mm/62,99" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 780mm/30,70" 1800mm/70,86" 35,0kg/77,16Ibs
ES12002400/2,5 1200-2400 1200mm/47,24” 2400mm/94,48” 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 1180mm/46,45” 3000mm/118,11” 240,0kg/528,96lbs
ES12002800/2,5 1200-2800 1200mm/47,24” 2800mm/110,23" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 1180mm/46,45” 4000mm/157,48" 280,0kg/617,12lbs
ES18003600/2,5 1800-3600 1800mm/70,87" 3600mm/141,73" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 1780mm/70,08" 4000mm/157,48" 420,0kg/925,68lbs
ES18004200/2,5 1800-4200 1800mm/70,87" 4200mm/165,35" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 1780mm/70,08" 6000mm/236,22" 530,0kg/1168,12lbs


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