High Pressure Double Seal Pipe Plugs

The High Pressure Double Seal Pipe Plugs are a reliable solution for testing pipes of various diameters. Made from durable Galvanized Steel, these pipe plugs can withstand high back pressure of 12.0 bar and are recommended for use in pipes ranging from 6mm (1/4") to 300mm (12") in diameter. These plugs are capable of functioning at temperatures up to 130 degrees Celsius, making them suitable for use in a wide range of environments.



  • Made from durable Galvanized Steel for long-lasting performance
  • Capable of withstanding high back pressure of up to 12.0 bar
  • Recommended for testing pipes ranging from 6mm (1/4") to 300mm (12") in diameter
  • Can be used at temperatures up to 130 degrees Celsius for versatility
  • All produced Metal Plugs are tested and approved with a 3 times safety factor, ensuring reliability and safety during usage
Product Code Nominal size (mm) Min. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Product Diameter (mm/inch) Back Pressure (bar/psi) Tightening Torque(N.m) Total Length of Product (mm/inch) Product Weight(kg/Ibs)
EDSH6 6 6mm/0,24" 6,5mm/0,26" 5,5mm/0,22" 12,0bar/174,0psi H,T 78mm/3,07" 0,1kg/0,22lbs
EDSH10 10 9mm/0,35" 10mm/0,39" 8,5mm/0,33" 12,0bar/174,0psi H,T 78mm/3,07" 0,15kg/0,33lbs
EDSH12 12 12mm/0,47" 13mm/0,51" 11mm/0,43" 12,0bar/174,0psi H,T 78mm/3,07" 0,18kg/0,4lbs
EDSH15 15 15mm/0,59" 15mm/0,59" 14mm/0,55" 12,0bar/174,0psi H,T 98mm/3,86" 0,2kg/0,44lbs
EDSH20 20 19mm/0,75" 20mm/0,79" 19mm/0,75" 12,0bar/174,0psi H,T 98mm/3,86" 0,2kg/0,44lbs
EDSH30 30 29mm/1,14" 32mm/1,26" 27mm/1,06" 12,0bar/174,0psi 40 112mm/4,41" 0,3kg/0,66lbs
EDSH38 38 37mm/1,46" 40mm/1,57" 35mm/1,38" 12,0bar/174,0psi 50 114mm/4,49" 0,4kg/0,88lbs
EDSH50 50 49mm/1,93" 51mm/2,01" 47mm/1,85" 12,0bar/174,0psi 60 137mm/5,39" 0,5kg/1,1lbs
EDSH60 60 58mm/2,28" 61mm/2,4" 57mm/2,24" 12,0bar/174,0psi 60 157mm/6,18" 0,8kg/1,76lbs
EDSH75 75 74mm/2,91" 77mm/3,03" 72mm/2,83" 12,0bar/174,0psi 85 162mm/6,38" 1,5kg/3,31lbs
EDSH100 100 98mm/3,86" 102mm/4,02" 95mm/3,74" 10,0bar/145,0psi 150 162mm/6,38" 2,0kg/4,41lbs
EDSH125 125 122mm/4,8" 127mm/5,0" 120mm/4,72" 8,0bar/116,0psi 180 162mm/6,38" 2,5kg/5,51lbs
EDSH150 150 147mm/5,79" 153mm/6,02" 146mm/5,75" 6,0bar/87,0psi 200 165mm/6,5" 3,0kg/6,61lbs
EDSH200 200 197mm/7,76" 202mm/7,95" 194mm/7,64" 6,0bar/87,0psi 200 165mm/6,5" 5,0kg/11,02lbs
EDSH250 250 247mm/9,72" 252mm/9,92" 245mm/9,65" 5,0bar/72,5psi 200 168mm/6,61" 7,0kg/15,43lbs
EDSH300 300 297mm/11,69" 302mm/11,89" 295mm/11,61" 4,0bar/58,0psi 200 168mm/6,61" 9,0kg/19,84lbs


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