High Pressure Aluminum Tensioner Pipe Test Plugs

High Pressure Aluminum Tensioner Pipe Test Plugs are designed for drain tests, sewerage tests, waste tests, and other test applications. With over-average cohesive friction and multiple compression points, they offer a strong seal and are equipped with a bypass for diverting liquid flow in the pipe. These plugs are highly valued by water system organizations, construction industry, civil engineering, rescue, and fire brigades.



  • Equipped with a bypass for diverting liquid flow
  • Multiple compression points and tensions around the perimeter for a strong seal
  • Eliminates the need to weld/cut the opposite end of the pipe
  • Made of lightweight and durable aluminum plates
  • Easy to install and suitable for temperatures up to 100°C
  • Available in diameters ranging from 200mm to 1500mm, with different sizes available upon request
  • Supplied to order with a chemical, oil, and gas-resistant NBR gasket
  • Can withstand high back pressure requirements of up to 6 bar, with higher pressure options available if needed
Product code Nominal size(mm) Min. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Back Pressure(bar/psi) Bypass Diameter (mm/inch) Product diameter (mm/inch) Product Length (mm/inch) Product Weight (kg/lbs)
EATT200 200 193mm/7,6" 206mm/8,11" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 192mm/7,56" 80mm/3,15" 5,7kg/12,57lbs
EATT250 250 244mm/9,61" 257mm/10,12" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 242mm/9,53" 80mm/3,15" 6,8kg/14,99lbs
EATT300 300 290mm/11,42" 310mm/12,2" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 289mm/11,38" 80mm/3,15" 10,2kg/22,49lbs
EATT350 350 345mm/13,58" 360mm/14,17" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 342mm/13,46" 80mm/3,15" 12,0kg/26,46lbs
EATT400 400 396mm/15,59" 412mm/16,22" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 390mm/15,35" 80mm/3,15" 15,0kg/33,07lbs
EATT450 450 445mm/17,52" 460mm/18,11" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 444mm/17,48" 80mm/3,15" 18,0kg/39,68lbs
EATT500 500 490mm/19,29" 508mm/20,0" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 489mm/19,25" 80mm/3,15" 21,0kg/46,3lbs
EATT550 550 540mm/21,26" 560mm/22,05" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 539mm/21,22" 80mm/3,15" 24,0kg/52,91lbs
EATT600 600 590mm/23,23" 610mm/24,02" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 589mm/23,19" 80mm/3,15" 29,0kg/63,93lbs
EATT650 650 640mm/25,2" 660mm/25,98" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 639mm/25,16" 80mm/3,15" 31,0kg/68,34lbs
EATT700 700 690mm/27,17" 710mm/27,95" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 689mm/27,13" 80mm/3,15" 34,0kg/74,95lbs
EATT750 750 740mm/29,13" 760mm/29,92" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 739mm/29,09" 80mm/3,15" 38,0kg/83,78lbs
EATT800 800 790mm/31,1" 810mm/31,89" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 789mm/31,06" 80mm/3,15" 41,0kg/90,39lbs
EATT850 850 840mm/33,07" 860mm/33,86" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 839mm/33,03" 80mm/3,15" 44,0kg/97,0lbs


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