High Pressure Aluminium Pipe Test Plugs

High Pressure Aluminium Pipe Test Plugs are essential tools used for blocking sewer pipes, performing maintenance and repair work, and providing reliable sealing for drainage systems, pipelines, sewers, and gullies. These plugs are designed to withstand high back pressure requirements, making them ideal for hydro-testing pipes with water or air.


  • Made of lightweight and durable aluminum plates
  • Easy to install and use at temperatures up to 100°C
  • Suitable for hydro-testing pipes with water or air
  • Available in diameters ranging from 200mm to 850mm
  • Can withstand high back pressure requirements of up to 6 bar, with even higher pressure options available upon request.
Product code Nominal size(mm) Min. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Back Pressure(bar/psi) Bypass Diameter (mm/inch) Product diameter(mm/inch) Product Length(mm/inch) Product Weight(kg/lbs)
EAT200 200 193mm/7,6" 206mm/8,11" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 192mm/7,56" 80mm/3,15" 3,8kg/8,38lbs
EAT250 250 244mm/9,61" 257mm/10,12" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 242mm/9,53" 80mm/3,15" 4,5kg/9,92lbs
EAT300 300 290mm/11,42" 310mm/12,2" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 289mm/11,38" 80mm/3,15" 6,8kg/14,99lbs
EAT350 350 345mm/13,58" 360mm/14,17" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 342mm/13,46" 80mm/3,15" 8,0kg/17,64lbs
EAT400 400 396mm/15,59" 412mm/16,22" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 390mm/15,35" 80mm/3,15" 10,0kg/22,05lbs
EAT450 450 445mm/17,52" 460mm/18,11" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 444mm/17,48" 80mm/3,15" 12,0kg/26,46lbs
EAT500 500 490mm/19,29" 508mm/20,0" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 489mm/19,25" 80mm/3,15" 14,0kg/30,86lbs
EAT550 550 540mm/21,26" 560mm/22,05" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 539mm/21,22" 80mm/3,15" 16,0kg/35,27lbs
EAT600 600 590mm/23,23" 610mm/24,02" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 589mm/23,19" 80mm/3,15" 19,0kg/41,89lbs
EAT650 650 640mm/25,2" 660mm/25,98" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 639mm/25,16" 80mm/3,15" 20,7kg/45,64lbs
EAT700 700 690mm/27,17" 710mm/27,95" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 689mm/27,13" 80mm/3,15" 22,3kg/49,16lbs
EAT750 750 740mm/29,13" 760mm/29,92" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 739mm/29,09" 80mm/3,15" 25,0kg/55,12lbs
EAT800 800 790mm/31,1" 810mm/31,89" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 789mm/31,06" 80mm/3,15" 27,0kg/59,52lbs
EAT850 850 840mm/33,07" 860mm/33,86" 6,0bar/87,02psi 12,70mm/1/2" 839mm/33,03" 80mm/3,15" 27,0kg/59,52lbs


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