Flexible Bypass Packers

Flexible Bypass Packers are designed for partial repair of damaged pipeline sections and joints. They are flexible, easy to install, and come in various sizes to fit a range of pipeline diameters.


  • Equipped with a single-layer rubberized fabric sleeve mounted on a central metal part with wheels on each side to prevent tipping
  • Bypass design allows for water flow during the repair
  • Available in sizes for pipeline diameters ranging from 100mm to 2200mm
  • Effective repair length ranging from 600mm to 3680mm
  • Rated at standard working pressures of 1 bar, 1.5 bar, 2 bar, and 2.5 bar.
Product Code Nominal Size Cylinder Length(mm/inch) Min. - Max. Contact (Repair)Lenght (mm/inch) Max. Working Pressure (bar/psi) Product Diameter (mm/inch) Total Length of Product(mm/inch) Bypass Diameter(mm/inch) Product Weight(kg/Ibs)
EFBP100150 100-150 1000mm/39,37"-5000mm/196,85" C.L-170mm/C.L-6,69" 2,5bar/ 36,25psi 60mm/2,36" C.L+350mm/C.L+13,77" N/A 1,7kg/3,75lbs
EFBP150250 150-200 1000mm/39,37"-5000mm/196,85" C.L-225mm/C.L-8,85" 2,0bar/29,00psi 116mm/4,56" C.L+350mm/C.L+13,77" 50,80mm/2" 3,3kg/7,28lbs
EFBP200300 200-300 1000mm/39,37"-5000mm/196,85" C.L-280mm/C.L-11,02" 2,0bar/29,00psi 150mm/5,90" C.L+350mm/C.L+13,77" 50,80mm/2" 5,4kg/11,9lbs
EFBP300400 300-400 1000mm/39,37"-5000mm/196,85" C.L-300mm/C.L-11,81" 1,5bar/21,75psi 231mm/9,09" C.L+350mm/C.L+13,77" 33,86mm/4/3" 7,3kg/16,09lbs
EFBP400600 400-600 1000mm/39,37"-5000mm/196,85" C.L-300mm/C.L-11,81" 1,0bar/14,50psi 345mm/13,48" C.L+350mm/C.L+13,77" 33,86mm/4/3" 11,6kg/25,57lbs
EFBP600800 600-800 1000mm/39,37"-5000mm/196,85" C.L-300mm/C.L-11,81" 1,0bar/14,50psi 444mm/17,48" C.L+350mm/C.L+13,77" 33,86mm/4/3" 15,5kg/34,17lbs
EFBP600160032 600-1600 3200mm/125,98" 1000mm/39,37"-2900mm/114,71" 1,0bar/14,50psi 480mm/18,89" 3300mm/129,92" 101,60mm/4" 90kg/198,42lbs
EFBP600160042 600-1600 4200mm/165,35" 2000mm/78,74"-2900mm/114,71" 1,0bar/14,50psi 480mm/18,89" 4300mm/169,29" 101,60mm/4" 110,0kg/242,51lbs
EFBP700200037 700-2000 3700mm/145,66" 2000mm/39,37"-3500mm/137,79" 1,0bar/14,50psi 580mm/22,83" 3800mm/149,60" 101,60mm/4" 100,0kg/220,46lbs
EFBP700200047 700-2000 4200mm/185,03" 2000mm/78,74"-3500mm/137,79" 1,0bar/14,50psi 580mm/22,83" 4800mm/188,97" 101,60mm/4" 120,0kg/264,55lbs
EFBP800120019 800-1200 1900mm/74,80" 1000mm/39,37"-1500mm/59,05" 1,0bar/14,50psi 580mm/22,83" 2000mm/78,74" 101,60mm/4" 60,0kg/132,28lbs
EFBP1000180025 1000-1800 2500mm/98,42" 600mm/23,62"-2000mm/78,74" 1,0bar/14,50psi 790mm/31,10" 2600mm/102,36" 101,60mm/4" 70,0kg/154,32lbs
EFBP1000180032 1000-1800 3200mm/125,98" 1400mm/55,11"-2800mm/110,23" 1,0bar/14,50psi 790mm/31,10" 3300mm/129,92" 101,60mm/4" 90,0kg/198,42lbs
EFBP1000220032 1000-2200 3200mm/125,98" 700mm/27,55"-2800mm/110,23" 1,0bar/14,50psi 790mm/31,10" 3300mm/129,92" 101,60mm/4" 90,0kg/198,42lbs


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