Corner Repair Packers

Corner Repair Packers are flexible soft rubber packers that are designed to repair sectional cracks, seal blind holes, and joints in various pipes, including drinking water, wastewater, sewer, oil and gas, and industrial pipes. Their special cylindrical end and flexible structure make them ideal for handling in narrow spaces, while their ability to be pushed closer to the edge of the pipe allows for efficient T-connection pipe repairs.


  • Long, cylindrical, flexible soft rubber structure
  • Special cylindrical end for efficient T-connection pipe repairs
  • Can repair T-connection pipe sectional cracks, seal blind holes, and seal joints
  • Made of a special rubber that provides strength, resistance, and flexibility
  • Suitable for use on pipe diameters ranging from 35mm to 200mm
  • Repair lengths ranging from 285mm to 2000mm.
Product Number Nominal Size(mm) Product Dia.(mm/inch) Total Length of Product(mm/inch) Max. Working Pressure (bar/psi) Max. Contact (Repair) Lenght (mm/inch) Product Weigth(kg/lbs)
ECRP3550/300 35-50 25mm/0,98" 300mm/11,81" 3bar/43,51psi 285mm/11,22" 0,2kg/0,44lbs
ECRP3550/600 35-50 25mm/0,98" 640mm/25,20" 3bar/43,51psi 600mm/23,62" 0,3kg/0,66lbs
ECRP5075/600 50-70 33mm/1,3" 640mm/25,20" 3bar/43,51psi 600mm/23,62" 0,5kg/1,10lbs
ECRP70100/600 70-100 51mm/2,01" 640mm/25,20" 3bar/43,51psi 600mm/23,62" 0,9kg/1,98lbs
ECRP70100/1000 70-100 51mm/2,01" 1040mm/40,94" 3bar/43,51psi 1000mm/39,37" 1,5kg/3,31lbs
ECRP70100/1500 70-100 51mm/2,01" 1540mm/60,63" 3bar/43,51psi 1500mm/59,06" 2,0kg/4,41lbs
ECRP70100/2000 70-100 51mm/2,01" 2040mm/80,31" 3bar/43,51psi 2000mm/78,74" 2,8kg/6,17lbs
ECRP100150/600 100-150 60mm/2,36" 640mm/25,20" 2,5bar/36,25psi 600mm/23,62" 2,1kg/4,63lbs
ECRP100150/1000 100-150 60mm/2,36" 1040mm/40,94" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1000mm/39,37" 3,0kg/6,61lbs
ECRP100150/1500 100-150 60mm/2,36" 1540mm/60,63" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1500mm/59,06" 4,0kg/8,82lbs
ECRP100150/2000 100-150 60mm/2,36" 2040mm/80,31" 2,5bar/36,25psi 2000mm/78,74" 5,5kg/12,13lbs
ECRP150200/600 150-200 80mm/3,15" 640mm/25,20" 2,5bar/36,25psi 600mm/23,62" 2,4kg/5,29lbs
ECRP150200/1000 150-200 80mm/3,15" 1040mm/40,94" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1000mm/39,37" 3,2kg/7,05lbs
ECRP150200/1500 150-200 80mm/3,15" 1540mm/60,63" 2,5bar/36,25psi 1500mm/59,06" 4,5kg/9,92lbs
ECRP150200/2000 150-200 80mm/3,15" 2040mm/80,31" 2,5bar/36,25psi 2000mm/78,74" 6,0kg/13,23lbs


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