Cone Pipe Test Plugs

Cone Pipe Test Plugs are essential for conducting leak testing with water or air on newly installed pipelines in accordance with the EN 1610:2015 Standard. They are also frequently used to drain and bypass water, as well as shut or close drainage systems, pipes, sewers, and gullies for maintenance and repair purposes.


  • Can be used to perform leak tests and seal not only in round pipes but also in various other shapes of pipes, such as ovoid, egg-shaped, rectangular, and triangular.
  • Can fit through conventional manholes, even with huge cone pipes.
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of diameter sizes between 100mm to 3600mm.
  • Made of robust rubber, which provides high chemical resistance, high age resistance, and low weight.
  • Easy to repair and maintain.
CONE PIPE TEST PLUGS (3,0 BAR/43,51 PSI - 2,0 BAR/29,01 PSI)
Product Code Nominal Size(mm) Min. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Working Pressure (bar/psi) Back Pressure (bar/psi) Product Diameter (mm/inch) Total Length of Product (mm/inch) Bypass Diameter(mm/inch) Product Weight (kg/Ibs)
ECT100200/3 100-200 100mm/3,94" 200mm/7,87" 3,0bar/43,51psi 1,5bar/21,75psi 70mm/2,76" 360mm/14,17" 6,35mm/1/4" 4,5kg/9,91lbs
ECT150400/3 150-400 150mm/5,91" 400mm/15,75" 3,0bar/43,51psi 1,5bar/21,75psi 100mm/3,94" 800mm/31,49" 12,70mm/1/2" 9,5kg/20,93lbs
ECT250600/3 250-600 250mm/9,84" 600mm/23,62" 3,0bar/43,51psi 1,5bar/21,75psi 200mm/7,87" 1150mm/45,27" 25,40mm/1" 17,0kg/37,46lbs
ECT300800/2 300-800 300mm/11,81" 800mm/31,50" 2,0bar/29,01psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 250mm/9,84" 1400mm/55,11" 50,80mm/2" 27,0kg/59,50lbs
ECT4001000/2 400-1000 400mm/15,75" 1000mm/39,37" 2,0bar/29,01psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 300mm/11,81" 1750mm/68,89" 50,80mm/2" 36,0kg/79,35lbs
ECT5001200/2 500-1200 500mm/19,69" 1200mm/47,24" 2,0bar/29,01psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 400mm/15,75" 1900mm/74,80" 50,80mm/2" 54,1kg/119,23lbs
ECT5001400/2 500-1400 500mm/19,69" 1400mm/55,12" 2,0bar/29,01psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 400mm/15,75" 2250mm/88,58" 50,80mm/2" 75,0kg/165,30lbs
ECT5001500/2 500-1500 500mm/19,69" 1500mm/59,06" 2,0bar/29,01psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 400mm/15,75" 2600mm/102,36" 50,80mm/2" 80,0kg/176,32lbs
ECT6001600/2 600-1600 600mm/23,62" 1600mm/62,99" 2,0bar/29,01psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 500mm/19,69" 2800mm/110,23" 50,80mm/2" 115,0kg/253,46lbs
ECT8001800/2 800-1800 800mm/31,50" 1800mm/70,87" 2,0bar/29,01psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 700mm/27,56" 3000mm/118,11" 50,80mm/2" 165,0kg/363,66lbs
ECT10002200/2 1000-2200 1000mm/39,37" 2200mm/86,61" 2,0bar/29,01psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 800mm/31,50" 3500mm/137,79" 50,80mm/2" 240,0kg/528,96lbs
Product Code Nominal Size(mm) Min. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Working Pressure (bar/psi) Back Pressure (bar/psi) Product Diameter (mm/inch) Total Length of Product (mm/inch) Bypass Diameter(mm/inch) Product Weight(kg/Ibs)
ECT100200/1 100-200 100mm/3,94" 200mm/7,87" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 70mm/2,76" 360mm/14,17" 6,35mm/1/4" 4,5kg/9,91lbs
ECT150400/1 150-400 150mm/5,91" 400mm/15,75" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 100mm/3,94" 800mm/31,49" 12,70mm/1/2" 9,5kg/20,93lbs
ECT250600/1 250-600 250mm/9,84" 600mm/23,62" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 200mm/7,87" 1150mm/45,27" 25,40mm/1" 17,0kg/37,46lbs
ECT300800/1 300-800 300mm/11,81" 800mm/31,5" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 250mm/9,84" 1400mm/55,11" 50,80mm/2" 27,0kg/59,50lbs
ECT4001000/1 400-1000 400mm/15,75" 1000mm/39,37" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 300mm/11,81" 1750mm/68,89" 50,80mm/2" 36,0kg/79,35lbs
ECT5001200/1 500-1200 500mm/19,69" 1200mm/47,24" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 400mm/15,75" 1900mm/74,80" 50,80mm/2" 54,1kg/119,23lbs
ECT5001400/1 500-1400 500mm/19,69" 1400mm/55,12" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 400mm/15,75" 2250mm/88,58" 50,80mm/2" 75,0kg/165,30lbs
ECT5001500/1 500-1500 500mm/19,69" 1500mm/59,06" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 400mm/15,75" 2600mm/102,36" 50,80mm/2" 80,0kg/176,32lbs
ECT6001600/1 600-1600 600mm/23,62" 1600mm/62,99" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 500mm/19,69" 2800mm/110,23" 50,80mm/2" 115,0kg/253,46lbs
ECT8001800/1 800-1800 800mm/31,5" 1800mm/70,87" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 700mm/27,56" 3000mm/118,11" 50,80mm/2" 165,0kg/363,66lbs
ECT10002200/1 1000-2200 1000mm/39,37" 2200mm/86,61" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 800mm/31,5" 3500mm/137,79" 50,80mm/2" 240,0kg/528,96lbs
ECT15002800/0,5 1500-2800 1500mm/59,05" 2800mm/110,23" 0,5bar/7,25psi 0,2bar/2,90psi 1300mm/51,18" 3650mm/143,70" 101,60mm/4" 410,0kg/903,64lbs
ECT22003600/0,4 2200-3600 2200mm/86,61" 3600mm/141,73" 0,4bar/5,80psi 0,2bar/2,90psi 1800mm/70,86" 4250mm/167,32" 101,60mm/4" 418,0kg/921,27lbs


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