Cone Pipe Stoppers

Cone Pipe Stoppers are uniquely designed for sealing and blocking pipelines, sewers, gullies, and drainage systems to prevent the ingress of water, gases, waste, and rodents. Unlike traditional pipe stoppers, they come in various shapes, including ovoid, egg-shaped, rectangular, and kite-shaped.


  • Cone shape offers significant advantages over traditional pipe stoppers, making them safer and more cost-effective
  • Can be used in a variety of shapes and sizes, from round pipes to large cone pipes that can fit through conventional manholes
  • Made of strong rubber with good chemical resistance, high age-resistance, low weight, and easy reparability
  • Available in diameter ranges between 100mm to 3600mm for use in different pipeline systems.
CONE PIPE STOPPERS (3,0 BAR/43,51 PSI - 2,0 BAR/29,01 PSI)
Product Code Nominal Size(mm) Min. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Working Pressure (bar/psi) Back Pressure (bar/psi) Product Diameter (mm/inch) Total Length of Product (mm/inch) Product Weight(kg/Ibs)
ECP100200/3 100-200 100mm/3,94" 200mm/7,87" 3,0bar/43,51psi 1,5bar/21,75psi 70mm/2,76" 340mm/13,39" 2,0kg/4,40lbs
ECP150400/3 150-400 150mm/5,91" 400mm/15,75" 3,0bar/43,51psi 1,5bar/21,75psi 100mm/3,94" 760mm/29,92" 6,0kg/13,22lbs
ECP250600/3 250-600 250mm/9,84" 600mm/23,62" 3,0bar/43,51psi 1,5bar/21,75psi 200mm/7,87" 1050mm/41,34" 10,0kg/22,04lbs
ECP300800/2 300-800 300mm/11,81" 800mm/31,50" 2,0bar/29,01psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 250mm/9,84" 1300mm/51,18" 21,3kg/46,94lbs
ECP4001000/2 400-1000 400mm/15,75" 1000mm/39,37" 2,0bar/29,01psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 300mm/11,81" 1600mm/62,99" 27,0kg/59,50lbs
ECP5001200/2 500-1200 500mm/19,69" 1200mm/47,24" 2,0bar/29,01psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 400mm/15,75" 1880mm/74,02" 46,6kg/102,70lbs
ECP5001400/2 500-1400 500mm/19,69" 1400mm/55,12" 2,0bar/29,01psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 400mm/15,75" 2150mm/84,65" 59,4kg/130,91lbs
ECP5001500/2 500-1500 500mm/19,69" 1500mm/59,06" 2,0bar/29,01psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 400mm/15,75" 2500mm/98,43" 60,0kg/132,24lbs
ECP6001600/2 600-1600 600mm/23,62" 1600mm/62,99" 2,0bar/29,01psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 500mm/19,69" 2650mm/104,33" 93,0kg/204,97lbs
ECP8001800/2 800-1800 800mm/31,50" 1800mm/70,87" 2,0bar/29,01psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 700mm/27,56" 3000mm/118,11" 140,0kg/308,56lbs
ECP10002200/2 1000-2200 1000mm/39,37" 2200mm/86,61" 2,0bar/29,01psi 1,0bar/14,50psi 800mm/31,50" 3500mm/137,80" 210,0kg/462,84lbs
Product Code Nominal Size(mm) Min. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Working Pressure (bar/psi) Back Pressure (bar/psi) Product Diameter (mm/inch) Total Length of Product (mm/inch) Product Weight(kg/Ibs)
ECP100200/1 100-200 100mm/3,94" 200mm/7,87" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 70mm/2,76" 340mm/13,39" 2,0kg/4,40lbs
ECP150400/1 150-400 150mm/5,91" 400mm/15,75" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 100mm/3,94" 760mm/29,92" 6,0kg/13,22lbs
ECP250600/1 250-600 250mm/9,84" 600mm/23,62" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 200mm/7,87" 1050mm/41,34" 10,0kg/22,04lbs
ECP300800/1 300-800 300mm/11,81" 800mm/31,5" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 250mm/9,84" 1300mm/51,18" 21,3kg/46,94lbs
ECP4001000/1 400-1000 400mm/15,75" 1000mm/39,37" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 300mm/11,81" 1600mm/62,99" 27,0kg/59,50lbs
ECP5001200/1 500-1200 500mm/19,69" 1200mm/47,24" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 400mm/15,75" 1880mm/74,02" 46,6kg/102,70lbs
ECP5001400/1 500-1400 500mm/19,69" 1400mm/55,12" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 400mm/15,75" 2150mm/84,65" 59,4kg/130,91lbs
ECP5001500/1 500-1500 500mm/19,69" 1500mm/59,06" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 400mm/15,75" 2500mm/98,43" 60,0kg/132,24lbs
ECP6001600/1 600-1600 600mm/23,62" 1600mm/62,99" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 500mm/19,69" 2650mm/104,33" 93,0kg/204,97lbs
ECP8001800/1 800-1800 800mm/31,50" 1800mm/70,87" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 700mm/27,56" 3000mm/118,11" 140,0kg/308,56lbs
ECP10002200/1 1000-2200 1000mm/39,37" 2200mm/86,61" 1,0bar/14,50psi 0,5bar/7,25psi 800mm/31,50" 3500mm/137,80" 210,0kg/462,84lbs
ECP15002800/0,5 1500-2800 1500mm/59,06" 2800mm/110,40" 0,5bar/7,25psi 0,2bar/2,90psi 1300mm/51,18" 3650mm/143,70" 370,0kg/815,48lbs
ECP22003600/0,4 2200-3600 2200mm/86,61" 3600mm/141,73" 0,4bar/5,80psi 0,2bar/2,90psi 1800mm/70,86" 4250mm/167,32" 380,0kg/837,52lbs


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