Aluminum Double Seal Pipe Test Plugs

The Aluminum Double Seal Pipe Test Plugs are a durable and reliable solution for testing pipes of varying diameters. Made from high-quality Aluminum 7000 Series, these pipe plugs can withstand a back pressure of 6.0 bar and can be used for testing pipes ranging from 6mm (1/4") to 600mm (24") in diameter. These test plugs are recommended for use at temperatures up to 130 degrees Celsius, making them a versatile tool for a wide range of applications.


  • Made from high-quality Aluminum 7000 Series for durability and longevity
  • Capable of withstanding back pressure of up to 6.0 bar
  • Recommended for testing pipes ranging from 6mm (1/4") to 600mm (24") in diameter
  • Can be used at temperatures up to 130 degrees Celsius for versatility
  • All produced Metal Plugs are tested and approved with a 3 times safety factor, ensuring reliability and safety during usage
Product Code Nominal size(mm) Min. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Max. Pipe Inner Dia. to be tested (mm/inch) Product Diameter (mm/inch) Back Pressure(bar/psi) Tightening Torque (N.m) Total Length of Product (mm/inch) Bypass Diameter (inch) Product Weight(kg/Ibs)
EDSAT6 6 6mm/0,24" 6,5mm/0,26" 5,5mm/0,22" 6,0bar/87,0psi H,T 82mm/3,23" 1/4" 0,1kg/0,22lbs
EDSAT10 10 9mm/0,35" 10mm/0,39" 8,5mm/0,33" 6,0bar/87,0psi H,T 82mm/3,23" 1/4" 0,12kg/0,26lbs
EDSAT12 12 12mm/0,47" 13mm/0,51" 11mm/0,43" 6,0bar/87,0psi H,T 82mm/3,23" 1/4" 0,14kg/0,31lbs
EDSAT15 15 15mm/0,59" 15mm/0,59" 14mm/0,55" 6,0bar/87,0psi H,T 102mm/4,02" 1/4" 0,15kg/0,33lbs
EDSAT20 20 19mm/0,75" 20mm/0,79" 19mm/0,75" 6,0bar/87,0psi H,T 102mm/4,02" 1/4" 0,2kg/0,44lbs
EDSAT30 30 29mm/1,14" 32mm/1,26" 27mm/1,06" 6,0bar/87,0psi 40 120mm/4,72" 1/4" 0,25kg/0,55lbs
EDSAT38 38 37mm/1,46" 40mm/1,57" 35mm/1,38" 6,0bar/87,0psi 50 124mm/4,88" 1/4" 0,35kg/0,77lbs
EDSAT50 50 49mm/1,93" 51mm/2,01" 47mm/1,85" 6,0bar/87,0psi 50 150mm/5,91" 1/4" 0,75kg/1,65lbs
EDSAT60 60 58mm/2,28" 61mm/2,4" 57mm/2,24" 6,0bar/87,0psi 70 170mm/6,69" 1/4" 0,8kg/1,76lbs
EDSAT75 75 74mm/2,91" 77mm/3,03" 72mm/2,83" 6,0bar/87,0psi 85 175mm/6,89" 1/4" 1,0kg/2,2lbs
EDSAT100 100 98mm/3,86" 102mm/4,02" 95mm/3,74" 4,0bar/58,0psi 105 175mm/6,89" 1/4" 1,2kg/2,65lbs
EDSAT125 125 122mm/4,8" 127mm/5,0" 120mm/4,72" 4,0bar/58,0psi 120 175mm/6,89" 1/4" 1,5kg/3,31lbs
EDSAT150 150 147mm/5,79" 153mm/6,02" 146mm/5,75" 4,0bar/58,0psi 140 181mm/7,13" 1/4" 2,0kg/4,41lbs
EDSAT200 200 197mm/7,76" 202mm/7,95" 194mm/7,64" 3,0bar/43,5psi 145 181mm/7,13" 1/4" 3,0kg/6,61lbs
EDSAT250 250 247mm/9,72" 252mm/9,92" 245mm/9,65" 2,0bar/29,0psi 150 187mm/7,36" 1/4" 4,0kg/8,82lbs
EDSAT300 300 297mm/11,69" 302mm/11,89" 295mm/11,61" 2,0bar/29,0psi 160 187mm/7,36" 1/4" 5,0kg/11,02lbs
EDSAT350 350 347mm/13,66" 352mm/13,86" 345mm/13,58" 2,0bar/29,0psi 160 187mm/7,36" 1/4" 6,0kg/13,23lbs
EDSAT400 400 397mm/15,63" 402mm/15,83" 395mm/15,55" 2,0bar/29,0psi 160 187mm/7,36" 1/4" 7,0kg/15,43lbs
EDSAT450 450 447mm/17,6" 452mm/17,8" 445mm/17,52" 1,0bar/14,5psi 180 187mm/7,36" 1/4" 8,0kg/17,64lbs
EDSAT500 500 497mm/19,57" 502mm/19,76" 495mm/19,49" 1,0bar/14,5psi 180 187mm/7,36" 1/4" 9,0kg/19,84lbs
EDSAT550 550 547mm/21,54" 552mm/21,73" 545mm/21,46" 0,5bar/7,25psi 180 187mm/7,36" 1/4" 9,5kg/20,94lbs
EDSAT600 600 597mm/23,5" 602mm/23,7" 595mm/23,43" 0,5bar/7,25psi 180 187mm/7,36" 1/4" 10,0kg/22,05lbs


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