Standart Couplings

Flexible standard couplings are high-quality elastomeric rubber couplings that join pipes of virtually any material or diameter. They are bolstered by stainless steel tension bands, which provide shear resistance under heavy earth loads and create a leak-proof seal. All standard couplings comply with BS EN 295-4, WIS 4-41-01, and BS EN 16397 standards.




Standard coupling applications​​​​​​

  • Join pipes of virtually any material or diameter
  • High-quality elastomeric rubber construction
  • Stainless steel tension bands for shear resistance
  • Leak-proof seal
  • As a coupling to join plain ended pipes
  • Repair damaged sections of pipes
  • Where a post or lateral connection is required
  • Where the diameters of pipe differ
  • Joining short and cut lengths of pipe
  • Introducing rocker pipes to an outside structure or manhol


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